Skittles, Wild Berry, 2.17 oz, 36-count

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Product Name: Skittles, Wild Berry, 2.17 oz, 36-count
SKU: Y0318

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Skittles, Wild Berry, 2.17 oz, 36-count

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Individually wrapped candy makes a perfect addition to concession stands, vending machines, convenience stores, and fundraisers
Perfect for parties, game-time snacks, or even as a topping for your favorite dessert.
Use these bright, bold Skittles candies in arts-and-crafts projects or as decorations.

Unicorns really do exist. They have to, right? Because how else can you explain the big fruit flavors packed into every bite-size Skittles candy. There's magic afoot here, people. Every pack of Skittles gives you the chance to taste the rainbow, with a variety of fruit flavors almost too good to be true. It's a taste sensation that makes even the most stoic of unicorns smile. So, in summary, unicorns, which exist, really like Skittles. And you will too.
Policies & plans

Thirty-six (36) - 2.17 ounce packs
Natural and artifical flavors
Flavors include:
Berry Punch
Melon Berry
Wild Cherry