Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry, 152 pack

Product Overview

Product Name: Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry, 152 pack
SKU: Y0472

Product Description

Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry 152 Pack

Laundry Detergent
152 Loads

Product Details
152 pack
152 loads
127 oz total
Patented Catch & Release Technology® to isolate dirt and stains, and wash them away before they re-deposit into laundry
Works in all water temperatures
Safe for all washing machines
Pre-measured pacs
Refreshing scent

How to use Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs:
Dry hands before handling
Do not unwrap or cut open pacs
Add pac(s) into washing machine while filling, and then add laundry. Use 1 pac for most loads. Use 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads
For HE machines, add directly to the washing machine drum, then add laundry on top. DO NOT put the pacs in the drawer
Keep container sealed between uses.